ALG Research worked with Bend the Arc to perform a national online survey of American Jewish voters from September 10-16, 2019. They wanted to perform this study because, ‘In an era of misinformation, Bend the Arc knows some politicians and special interest groups will claim to speak for the Jewish community, and they wanted to hear directly from Jewish voters on what they care about in this election.’

The survey found that three-quarters of Jewish voters hold unfavorable opinions of President Trump (75% unfavorable, including 66% very unfavorable), and in an open-ended question about what matters most about next year’s elections, the most common response is defeating Donald Trump.

Jewish voters feel less safe today than they did before Trump was elected. Nearly three-quarters of Jewish voters (73%) feel less safe in America today than they did four years ago. Nine in ten Jewish voters believe antisemitism has increased in the last four years, including 63% who say it has increased a lot.

Want to see more of what we found? You can read our full memo of findings here.