The latest data from the Wall Street Journal Poll—produced in collaboration with Impact Research and Fabrizio, Lee and Associates—has now been made available to the public. For key insights into how Americans are feeling and what next steps the nation should take, look no further than the articles linked below. For those looking for greater detail, the Wall Street Journal has also made the baseline for the poll publicly available.

March 8: 79% of Americans back ban on Russian oil even if energy prices rise

Interesting Point: The ban has wide bipartisan support, with 88% of Democrats and 77% of Republicans backing the move.

March 11: U.S. voters following Ukraine news closely

Interesting Point: 90% of voters are following the developments in Ukraine closely, with 54% following very closely.

March 14: Inflation is taking biggest toll on nonwhite voters

Interesting Point: 35% of voters who said they were something other than white expressed high levels of inflationary pain.