Rep. Pete Aguilar of California is a focused and driven public servant with his heart in the right place. Just ask his colleagues, including Rep. Katie Porter, who says that Aguilar doesn’t have the “‘it’s my turn’ mentality that can sometimes be present in Congress. He really earns his turn.” Indeed, Pete isn’t interested in making the leap from the House to the Senate or even to any executive office. He says, “I’m happy to be someone who’s committed to the House and wants to be here. I want to make a difference.”

The best part? He really does make a difference. Serving on committees covering some of the most important issues of our day (the inner workings of Congress, appropriation, the Jan. 6 riot), Aguilar keeps his nose to the grindstone and himself out of the limelight. Rather than win favor through flattery, he’s gained the respect of his fellow Congressmen and Congresswomen by pushing for important legislation like 2018’s bipartisan immigration bill. “He believes in the cause,” says Rep. Tim Ryan (Ohio). We believe in him.

Impact Research is proud to call Pete Aguilar a client and a friend. Read more about his exceptional career and character in this Politico profile.