Data that makes an Impact.


We rely on a host of qualitative and quantitative tools at Impact to deliver results, but what sets us apart is our ability to do more than just research. We provide actionable guidance for our clients that helps them achieve their desired outcomes. From the moment you bring us on board, we are full members of your team. We don’t just show up when it’s time to poll — we act as crucial advisors who offer thorough strategic advice that will reach your audience.

Strategy & Targeting

Polling is first and foremost an efficiency tool for campaigns – providing critical information about who your paid communications should be going to and what messaging they should be getting. For the most accurate polling, Impact uses a combination of live-caller and text-to-web interviews, making sure to get at least 75% of our responses from cell phones. We make an Impact by providing your campaign with data-based guidance on how to efficiently allocate your resources.

Message Development

At Impact Research, we have developed coordinated messaging campaigns for some of the most consequential names in politics and business. We make an Impact by going beyond just the top-rated message, using the industry’s most innovative techniques to look for messaging that actually moves people.  

We also understand that messaging recommendations are only as useful as your campaign’s ability to successfully implement them. We take pride in the fact that we see ourselves as “message watchdogs.” For every communication your campaign has with its target audience, we make certain that your campaign is staying on message.


Our qualitative and quantitative methods are on the cutting edge of research and provide you with the necessary straight talk your campaign, organization, or business seeks. Simply put, it is not only our goal to win races and ballot initiatives but also to never let a client spend vast sums of money only to lose. We make an Impact by helping our clients understand whether and how their campaign can win at the ballot box. The advice that we impart allows your campaign or business to make consequential decisions that can improve your overall strategy. 

Brand Management

The decades of experience our team at Impact has in the chaotic world of politics make us perfectly suited to help you grow your business’s brand. Our corporate clients have in common a need to think strategically about how they position themselves, understand their target audiences, and generate positive press. In partnering with some of the world’s most successful corporations from around the globe, we know what works and doesn’t work with consumers. We make an Impact by providing strategic counsel that has enabled the best in the business to flourish in even the most competitive of environments.

Ad Testing

Here at Impact, we know our research is only as effective as its implementation. That’s why we’ve developed a methodical evaluation process over decades of research for testing ads. The innovative techniques employed by our firm combine quantitative results with qualitative feedback and allow us to find the uniquely tailored message for your campaign or company. We make an Impact by giving your targeted audience a front-row seat to your ad.

Strategic Consulting

We help political campaigns, non-profits, and organizations develop and execute strategies for success. Whether this means political outreach, landscape analysis, public-affairs guidance, or corporate-positioning advice, we see ourselves as strategic partners with our clients rather than pollsters who deliver data and walk away. We make an Impact by being part of your core strategic team and helping guide you to success.